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Zen philosophy states that 75% of what we own or desire does not contribute to our happiness.

We could live with the remaining 25%, as long as our natural needs are satisfied.

Consumerism, overflowing of fashion and excessive logo ostentation on resulted in people being unable to appreciate and evaluate product quality, subjugating them to material desires.

Thanks to a thirty-year experience and an in-depth technical knowledge, Danshari was able to create fine and elegant frames, of very high quality, which reconciles us with our need for beauty and timelessness.

Danshari firmly believes that fine high-quality frames are worth way more than fashion-oriented frames, as the latter has limited durability, being as evanescent as fashion itself.

Danshari Chinese Logo
Metaphorically speaking Danshari can be compared to a bowl of rice. Rice is fundamental in Japanese cuisine, as it has a very delicate flavour that does not tire and goes well with any other food.

Fashion products with their ostentatious brands, can be instead compared to goose liver paste. This dish is very tasty, however, due to its very intense flavour.



The red dot, honouring the Japanese national flag, is inserted under the and tip varnish; The titanium engraving, representing the red Japanese sun, brought out by the lamination process;

Besides being a tribute to the Japanese national flag, the red dot is also a metaphorical symbol of the “umeboshi” plum, which in japan is typically served on top of white rice.
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The red dot is positioned on the upper part of the “R”, serving as a registration symbol.

The chosen font evokes ancient roman engravings, a choice made to convey at the same time minimalism and power.
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Danshari collection is produced in Japan, with very high-quality titanium and acetate. Flexible and light eyewear, with a fine and elegant design.

Timeless objects realised to satisfy the only authentic desire: the need for beauty and essentiality.



The laminated temples are conceived as minimalist jewels.
Nose pads are made of surgical stainless steel and covered in hypoallergenic silicone.
The fitting is well-finished, thanks to a perfect distribution of weights. Hinges and screws are made of titanium monobloc.
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Material & Craftsmanship


Cellulose acetate is a plant-based plastic made from cotton and wood pulp, totally hypoallergenic. It is known for being lightweight yet strong, and for holding frame alignments well. It offers wide range of color selection and possibilities.

Titanium &
Beta Titanium

Titanium is extremely lightweight yet durable and hypoallergenic making it the ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. It has high corrosive resistance.

Beta Titanium is a high strength and excellent elastic titanium alloy that reacts to little force and bounces to its original shape. It boasts special flex and memory function properties that can keep the contour shape whlle offering better wearing comfort. It is strong, durable, lightweight, hypoallergenic and anticorrosive.


temple lamination

the sophisticated acetate temple with the flexible beta-titanium wire core.

The state-of-the art Danshari eyeglasses are only derived from ancient Japanese master craftsmen.

Master craftsmen started from hard mold to well place beta-titanium wire core between Japanese acetates.

Master craftsmen apply traditional lamination process to handmade the laminated temples.

The temple contour is facilitated by a profile modeling machine.

The beauty of the laminated temples is touched up by master craftsmen’s impeccable skillsets.

The lamination temple is an integrated masterpiece of art, superlative craftsmanship, extraordinary design, and rich material.

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Summer Holiday 🏖

🇬🇧  Dear Optician, please note that the company will remain closed for annual leave from 1st to 21st August.

🇮🇹  Caro ottico, si prega di notare che l’azienda rimarrà chiusa per ferie dal 1 al 21 Agosto.

🇫🇷  Cher opticien, veuillez noter que l’entreprise sera fermée pour congés du 1er au 21 août.