There is no need to introduce Alain, everyone knows his story “there were glasses before Alain and there are glasses after Alain”.

What is not widely known is that Alain Miklitarian is Armenian. 

In Armenia, the suffix IAN indicates paternity, therefore “son of”.

Dansharian is a brand born from the collaboration between Danshari and Alain Miklitarian.

Minimalism meets genius.

An uninhibited collection, combining style and simplicity, that was thought and designed by Alain with a lot of passion.


The colors of this collection were inspired by the nature, the climate, and the Armenian culture.

Havana blends naturally with lavender, gold and lacquers with earthy colors, neon green with rusty reds, grays with blacks and champagnes, a dip in the colorful Armenian culture.

Sober materials and colors for everyday use, with tiny flashes that express the joy of living.

Purity of design

White and black, the perfection of purity, with waves in the temples. Alain plays with colours and shapes in a precise way, without compromising with fashion, respecting his vision and his idea with absolute consistency.
Nothing is left to chance, beauty, purity of design and comfort for the wearer.
This collection is a mix of Armenian culture, French design, Japanese technology and Made in Italy quality production.
We can say: Thank you, Alain, for your new masterpieces.


Dansharian launches the FTS (Flat Temple System) as a world premiere. An innovative patent that allows the perfect overlap of the temples, without causing tension or deformation.